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Micro-credentialing - Coming soon!

Launching the first module this winter, these courses will cover 13 topics relevant to association professionals - perfect for preparing for CAE certification or just expanding your knowledge base!

Learning Resources

Browse here for general one-off courses on a range of topics.

What is Micro-Credentialing?

A micro-credential attests to qualifications, competencies or knowledge and skill attainment within a relatively small scope.   The National Credentialing Institute (NCI) micro-credentialing program exists to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities within a relatively small scope and to create a pathway for an individual to become recognized as an industry professional. 

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Value of Micro-Burst Learning

The human brain is not wired to maintain focus for hours on end. It learns better when the content is delivered in short bursts with the courses well-spaced out to help cement the learning. Micro-learning makes the transfer of learning more efficient.

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