Psychometric Services


All psychometric actives to develop NCIs micro-credentials are brought to you by AERE. At AERE (pronounced “air”) we develop and provide innovative solutions in the three key areas of assessment, education, and research. We are a team of passionate individuals who are driven by a commitment to deliver premium quality to our clients and partners. Through highly tailored and systematic processes, we are equipped to delivering our services to organizations specializing in assessment, licensure, certification, employment selection, survey research, data analysis and beyond.

At AERE we offer an experience like no other. Our experts work closely with organizations to understand and address assessment, education and research needs and provide personalized solutions for the strategic design, development, and maintenance of valid and fair psychometric assessments ensuring that they have meet the accreditation standards for certification programs of ANSI ISO/IEC 17024:2012 and NCCA.

It is fair to say; we have cultivated an incredible reputation within the assessments industry in a short amount of time; particularly in the area of test development and psychometrics with our clients for delivering excellence and heightened professionalism efficiently.

Our strategic intent is to be the leaders within the assessment, psychometrics, accreditation, and research industry. We abide by the highest ethical and professional standards in the delivery of our services and aim to continually put the needs of our customers first.

Learning Management Software


This website and learning is brought to you by CommPartners - Elevate platform. Elevate LMS is your foundation for creating a center for knowledge that allows you to monetize your learning portfolio, track results, stimulate the sharing of ideas and drive loyalty and retention. 

The First Voice of the Member Platform


PropFuel is a member engagement platform designed to capture the voice of member and drive action with automated workflows.. Our engagement campaigns consist of a series of questions over time that go out to specific groups of people depending on where they are in their member journey. Examples include New Member Campaigns, Existing Member Engagement, Renewal Campaigns, Lapsed Member Campaigns, Dormant Member Campaigns, Conference/event Campaigns, etc...The email based check-in's usually consist of 1 question embedded into the email for a frictionless user experience. You may have an open ended or follow-up question on the next page, but the value is not only the insight from the feedback, but even more so the automated actions that take place based on how the person answers the question. The goal is to understand the member needs and respond immediately providing value.

Remote Proctor Solution


NCIs remote proctoring solution is brought to you by Examity. Examity is the world’s leading solution for learning validation. We work with colleges, universities, employers, and certification providers to create secure, high-quality educational experiences – and ensure that learners who play by the rules are honored for their work. 

Graphic Design, Marketing & Communications


  • All graphic design, marketing and communications is brought to you by the fantastic team at Chimera. Chimera is a team of EXPERTS in each field — branding and graphic design, production and copywriting, visual storytelling, web design and development, content management, SEO, PPC, social media, and customer experience measurement. This is a group effort and it does not hinge on one person. You have our full attention — collectively and as individuals.

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