Ask the Expert - Webinar with Bob Harris, CAE

NCI’s ASK AN EXPERT Series was developed for you, the busy professional, to be able to ask questions of the most successful people in our industry.  This series is interactive and engaging.  You will walk away with new ideas and strategies for your organization.  On May 21st we will hear from industry legend, Bob Harris, CAE.  Bob works with association, chamber and nonprofit executives from around the world and has his finger on the pulse of successful organizations.  Please join us with questions in hand, or just to listen to the dialogue on Thursday, May 21st 11am MST, 1pm EST.  Registration is free.   


Ask An Expert Series with Bob Harris, CAE
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Open to view video. This is a recording of the LIVE event held on Thursday, May 21st.
Plan for Recovery - Association Strong!
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Open to download resource. After a devastating weather event neighbors emerge in shock, asking “are you okay?” Recovery starts fast. You hear the chainsaws clearing driveways and streets. Piles of rubble begin to line sidewalks. A weather event comes on fast and ends abruptly. The coronavirus pandemic and severe economic disruptions present new challenges for associations. Damages and duration are unknowns. Associations are concerned about membership, meetings and their own sustainability. Associations, chambers and the nonprofit sector are well-positioned to lead recovery for their communities. They have been resilient during wars, weather events, economic downturns and prior pandemics. “Associations were made for times such as these,” said a Ukrainian executive director facing conditions like the USA.
Leadership, Governance and Pandemic Recovery
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Open to download resource. Serving on a board of directors or committee is a rewarding experience. The greatness of America is enhanced by the volunteers who govern the more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations. Board service and trusteeship requires significant responsibility and accountability. The membership, stakeholders, media, and the government scrutinize actions. The board works as a team in collaboration with the professional staff. Directors should be innovative and strategic. Seldom does an organization need directors who micromanage. The 2020 Leadership, Governance and Pandemic Recovery manual offers guidance and hope for economic rebound. Associations are resilient and should use the opportunity to become an indispensable partner and trusted resource. Regarding this photo, Failure is Not an Option is my frequent advice. It was 50 years ago, in 1970, that Apollo 13 was set to deliver three men to the moon. Of course, Mission Control wanted to be 100 percent successful. During the flight they heard the famous words, “Houston we have a problem.” The mission did not make it to the moon but returned to Earth safely. During your leadership experience, remember that failure is not an option. Approach your task prepared and committed to advance the organization’s mission.
Article Resources
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Open to download resource. Professional Development During Pandemic Adjusting Budgets Impacted by Crisis How to Plan for Recovery Association Governance During a Pandemic

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