Diversity & Inclusion - Full Package

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Note: We are currently only taking registrations for the full mirco-credentialing package, which includes all webinars and exams. The opportunity to purchase these items individually will be available in the coming weeks. 

Diversity and Inclusion Education and Optional Micro-Credential

Let’s start by defining diversity and inclusion education. Essentially, it’s a way of educating yourself, your employees or volunteers about how to work with people from different backgrounds.

The foundation of effective diversity education/training is ensuring that management and all employees have an experience that raises awareness through self-discovery, changing behaviors by identify strengths and gaps and committing to change, assessing your organizational audience and applying the appropriate learning and development strategies.

With that, developing this type of education improperly or simply ignoring the fact that this is imperative within the workplace can lead to substantial legal risk and may cause backlash and produce negative impact within the workplace.

Our approach will be to raise people’s awareness and to help them to see the world through the eyes of someone of a different age, race, gender, etc.

Our series of training will include a 4-part micro-burst learning series broken down to cover courses such as:

  • Identifying and defining diversity and inclusion
  • Neutralizing unaware bias
  • Diversity and Inclusion in play at work
  • How to foster an inclusive environment 

Who should enroll in these courses?

Association executives, staff, managing teams, volunteers, chamber executives, chamber volunteers, and any employee who interacting in professional setting who wants to support and engage in diversity and inclusion practices within their workplace.

How it works?


Micro-Credential Opportunity

Earn a credential in Diversity and Inclusion!  The training micro-burst learning opportunities are not required to earn this credential; however, there will be defined eligibility requirements, a formal “remote-proctored” assessment, in addition to once the credential is earned a recertification requirement.

Coming Soon – Fall/Winter 2018


Coming soon!
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