Free Resources

General Education Programs

  • Sponsors and Fundraising 101

    Show me the money! Nonprofit organizations survive on Fundraising and Sponsors. This introduction to Sponsorship Growth and Engagement is a must see for all new Executive Directors, Staff and Volunteer Leaders. You will learn some of the best ways find sponsors and keep them coming back every year!

  • Networking 101

    This webinar really should be called Strategic Connections instead of Networking. Building your network is incredibly important for several reasons: personal growth, organizational growth, sponsorship growth and membership growth. This webinar is a must see for virtually everyone, whether you are in the nonprofit sector or not.

  • Administration 101

    An administration webinar could go on forever. There are so many aspects to running an organization. In this video we will touch on HR, Legal/Risk Management and Strategic Management. This is a great video for a brand new Executive Director that has never had to do a staff evaluation before!

  • Membership Growth, Engagement and Retention 101

    Without members and sponsors, where would our organization even be? This Introduction to Membership Growth, Engagement and Retention will help New Executive Directors, Staff and Volunteer Board Members learn ways to grow their membership as well as how to engage and retain members.

  • Organizational Structure 101

    This Introduction to Organizational Structure will help New Executive Directors and Volunteer Board Members will learn the differences between a 501c3, 501c4 and 501c6 organizations.