What is Mirco-Credentialing?

You ever find yourself at work and you just don’t have that in-depth knowledge on a specific topic or you want to take the knowledge you do have to the next level?  Ever put that new project off or you volunteer to take something on, but you just don’t have all the resources to complete the job?

Micro-burst learning offered by the National Credentialing Institute is your answer to taking your learning to the next level.  It’ll provide you with small, specific bursts of information that is linked to competencies (direct on-the-job demands) available in bursts – available at the time of your choosing!

What does this really mean?  5, 15- 30-minute webinars followed by a series to be no more than 60-minute webinars that will be developed & vetted by your peers – experts within the industry that is tailored to develop professionals by identifying the skills GAP, have you job ready by providing on-demand education to meet that need.